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Squarepusher returns with “Wendorlan”

Squarepusher, one of the titans of IDM, returns in 2024 with a new album: 'Dostrotime' will arrive on March 1, 2024 and while we can already hear a preview with “Wendorlan”.

Squarepusher remains on the map with radical songs like these that remind us of a period of electronic music that continues to inspire new generations coming from the school of Aphex Twin and Autechre.

“Wendorlan” is a powerful track, worthy of the best hallmark of the genre, it is an instant classic for those most attached to the genre and crazy for new listeners. After all, IDM is here to stay since the 90s and its top representatives are still releasing exciting music.

The wait is over, as today sees the release of the brand new album from longstanding Warp Records artist, Squarepusher. ‘Dostrotime’ is not available on streaming services (at least for now) but can be found in all good record shops, via mail order or to download.

Order the album ‘Dostrotime’, HERE


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