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Suite Simone presents Bird

Brace yourselves for a musical journey like no other. As the dynamic duo, Rebecca Scheja and Viggo Dyst, collectively known as Suite Simone, prepares to drop their latest creation that defies all expectations. This upcoming album is not just a blend; it's an explosion of musical essence woven together into a tapestry of beats that will redefine the boundaries of electronic music. 


Dropping onto the scene like a comet from the unknown. Suite Simone invites you to buckle up for an auditory adventure that transcends the ordinary. The duo's mission? To present a sound so cool, so unexpected, that it will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about music. 


As you dive into Suite Simone's musical universe, be prepared to be taken by surprise. This album is not just about the looks; it's where the unforeseen steals the show. Get ready to embark on a ride where every track is a twist, every note is a turn, and every moment is a revelation. 


About Suite Simone: Suite Simone, comprised of Rebecca Scheja and Viggo Dyst, is an electrifying duo that defies musical norms by fusing trance, techno, house, breaks and pop into a genre-bending experience. Suite Simone invites the listener to their enigmatic origin and a sound that transcends expectations.


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