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Supervisjón presents Fast Trakk LP

Denmark-raised, Faroe Islands-based musician Supervisjón (AKA producer Lasse Jæger) shares his debut album, Fast Trakk, via TUTL Records – the leading representative and distributor of Faroese music worldwide. Released following recent singles “At Skeldast” “At Taka Lán” and “At Telda”, which gained support from Crack Magazine, Huck Magazine, Complete Music Update and more, the ten-track LP traverses Supervisjón’s unique take on footwork/juke, each one featuring heavily processed vocal samples from Faroese poet and his partner, Lív Maria Róadóttir Jæger. With lyrics in Faroese (one of the smallest languages in the world), The project is an intensely physical evocation of the vicissitudes of daily life. Previous single “At Skeldast” (meaning to fight) dug deep into visceral emotions, as Supervisjon explored the idea of “cosmic anger”, pondering why we are driven to fight with our loved ones, while earlier releases from the LP - ‘At Taka Lan’ (to get a loan) and At Telda’ (to computer) - tackled issues around financial stability, unemployment, the mundanity of work and technology, and more. On Fast Trakk, Supervisjón says, The album has been shaped by both lived life and live concerts - it’s a very personal project inspired by audiences and existential questions - I am very excited to finally be able to share this with the world.“ Bar the track “At Skeldast” (mixed by Joakim Moesgaard) Fast Trakk was mastered by Theresa Shaska aka DJ Girl (Planet Mu, Eat Dis), a Detroit-raised, Austin-based producer known for her footwork/juke hybrids, and Supervisjón’s clever blending of these sounds with quotidian themes results in both humour and space for reflection. For the vinyl release, the Danish alternative school Bananskolen and techno pioneer Goodiepal have completed the audio mastering, adding sonic swoops and swirls to the mix creating a super dynamic exploration of grooves. The past singles showcase Lasse’s quick wit and commentary, and the whole project is no exception; the LP title also refers to > google search ‘fast track’: What is Fast Track Faroe Islands? If you apply after the Fast Track Faroe Islands Agreement, you can quickly and easily receive a residence and work permit in the Faroe Islands. However, it requires that you are employed by a pre-approved company in the Faroe Islands. It emphasises the problems that come with living in a unique, beautiful and remote country, where total submission to the workforce is the only way to become an integrated citizen.



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