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T. Nguyen presents "How Ya Feel" EP

T. Nguyen's "How Ya Feel EP" is a captivating journey through diverse soundscapes, marking a notable entry in the techno and house music genres. Released under outofprint recordings, this EP showcases three distinct tracks, each exploring unique musical territories.

The title track, "How Ya Feel," is a slow techno masterpiece, infused with the essence of Joey Beltram's classic New York Techno. It's a tribute to the sweaty, unrelenting nights in Chicago and Detroit clubs, effortlessly connecting the listener's soul to the groove. The track's structure and rhythm are meticulously crafted, delivering a nostalgic yet fresh experience.

"Fries" shifts gears into a Minimal Tech House realm, featuring a damp organ bassline driven by a powerful 909 Kick. T. Nguyen's blend of influences from The Pet Shop Boys and Sade, combined with pop female vocals, creates a unique sonic palette. The track's breakdown introduces a Spanish-style guitar, surrounded by layered vocals and 303 arps, showcasing Nguyen's skillful fusion of elements.

The final track, "Uh Ohh," delves into UK Funky and Afro House, inspired by Black Coffee's Grammy-winning album. This track is a rhythmic masterpiece, with a compelling bassline, synth stabs, melodic keys, and a strings section that resonates with energy. The influences of Beyonce, Bucie, and DJ Sneak are subtly woven into the fabric of this vibrant track.


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