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Techno Delight: VELVE Drops 'NAVIGATION,' a Tasteful Prelude to Her Upcoming Album Analog

VELVE releases the long-awaited first single NAVIGATION from her upcoming album ANALOG. The track literally vibrates with technoid passion and combines a hypnotic attitude with driving drums and synthesizer surfaces bathed in midnight black. A truly embracing break allows time to reflect and, through the minimal use of her distinctive and "navigating" voice, becomes a dimensional gateway to the next level of consciousness.

The singer, composer, music producer and video artist VELVE runs her own recording studio in Berlin. In 2021 she received ten international nominations for the video art that accompanies her music, including the L.A. Music Video Award and the London International Music Video Award. In 2016 she received a platinum award for her collaboration with Deichkind and in 2021 the Make Art Not Fear Award.


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