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Thomas Burkhardt releases his "Weiter" EP

German producer Thomas Burkhardt has dropped a stunning six-track EP, "Weiter", on LIN/LOG Records. With "Weiter," Burkhardt pays homage to the music that inspired him, whilst looking ahead to the future with his forward-thinking approach. Burkhardt has crafted a set of tracks that showcase his technical prowess on the modular gear, all while delivering a message to listeners about staying true to their roots and resisting the pressure to rely on algorithms for peace.

The tracks on "Weiter" are impressive in their intricacy and cohesiveness. From the obvious modular expertise and inspiration drawing from the sounds of Cristian Vogel, Atom TM, and Sven Väth.

Overall, "Weiter" is a well-crafted and thought-provoking EP. We recommend giving this EP a spin for a fresh and unique take on the techno genre.


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