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Tiptoes - Record Business EP (SlothBoogie Recordings)

Glaswegian House don Tiptoes offers up some absolute belters for his Record Business EP which chalks up his 3rd appearance on the SlothBoogie label. The SB crew have been gagging to release these tracks ever since he dropped early demos at one of their infamous 24 hour parties at Sisyphos, Berlin that caused a mad rush to the booth and demands for track IDs!

The title track “Record Business” is a peak time filtered House bomb that has been causing mayhem in sets over the past year… an absolute ear worm! “Call Me” is another juicy slab of HOUSE that features looped up Motown licks, Jackin’ brass stabs and someone who is not very happy that Tiptoes hasn’t been returning her calls! Finishing off the A side is “Food”; the very essence of a ‘Deep House Roller’. Hypnotic tonal loops cycle over tribal drums which are guaranteed to lock any dance floor into a trance.

On the flip you’ll find Tiptoes dimming the lights and getting smokey as he explores his deeper side. “Brothers & Sisters” supplies deep and hazy head nodding beats with clever MPC chops, blissed out keys and spoken word arrangements. “It’s Only Love” sees Tiptoes bringing his motor city influences to the fore with looped up soul snippets, breathy KDJ inspired vocals, thumping lo-slung beats and chopped up string sections worthy of any car wash.

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