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ToMix releases his "Ghosts In My Bed" record.

ToMix's new release "Ghosts In My Bed" is set to drop on Friday, March 3 2023 via Space Distortion. This electronic track combines elements of Bass House, Electro and Big Room Tech House to create a powerful, driving beat that is perfect for high-energy sets.

The title track, "Ghosts In My Bed," is centered around the theme of inner turmoil experienced at night, leading to overthinking and trouble sleeping. ToMix reflects this in the track's eerie and dark sound, with a heavy bassline and persistent drums. The affected vocal clips add to the overall eerie and haunting atmosphere of the song.

The release is likely to be a hit in clubs and festivals alike, and fans of Bass House, Electro, and Tech House won't want to miss it. Keep an eye out for "Ghosts In My Bed" on March 3 2023, and be sure to grab a copy when it becomes available.

According to ToMix, "The song's concept is about overthinking & the demons you have while you're in bed late at night, which trouble you to sleep." Fans of Keeld, Habstrakt, Matroda, Malaa, and Bleu Clair will appreciate the sound of "Ghosts In My Bed."


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