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Topic drops first solo track in five years 'Lucid Dream'

Following a string of chart-topping releases with some of pop’s biggest names, DJ and in-demand producer Topic surprises his fans with long-awaited solo track 'Lucid Dream', out now via Virgin Records.

'Lucid Dream' is an enticing and mystical single that promises to become a summer anthem at festivals around the world. Written by the power combo formed by Topic and Swedish producer A7S, the vocals of the track are by none other than Moa Lisa. With a fast-paced BPM and pulsating beats, ‘Lucid Dream’ is a testament to the skillful craftsmanship of the successful producer.

Designed to ignite crowds at festivals, ‘Lucid Dream’ unleashes an irresistible surge of adrenaline that will have crowds dancing from start to finish. The catchy topline combined with the euphoric yet melancholic melody, once again showcases that Topic is a true master at what he does.!!

“Music has the power to blur the lines between reality and imagination, so in 'Lucid Dream’ I wanted to play with that boundary by incorporating the idea of a 'reality check' within the context of a dream, but also how both allow us to let go of whatever is on our mind and experience a state of mind that is free of worries”, Topic says of the track’s themes. “It's an exploration of the elusive nature of perception, inviting listeners to question their own wakefulness and embrace the possibility of a world where dreams and reality intertwine”.

Besides the track's captivating beat it sure has a deeper meaning; 'Lucid Dream' is about a reality check. The track artfully explores the notion of checking your own reality by connecting it to the realm of dreams, enticing the listener to question their wakeful state or potential sleep. Right in time to kick off his summer tour, Topic is set to take over every stage with ‘Lucid Dream’.

'Lucid Dream' is out now via Virgin Records and Positiva in the UK.


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