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Ukrainian singer ANGELA presents a new song

The song "Cold City" is relevant for those who want to start a new life in the new year and leave the pain and failures of the past in the past.

ANGELA told : «As an author and performer, I continue to explore topics related to the breakup and transformation of relationships. The single "Cold City" is a lyrical continuation of the previous songs. We managed to make a real song series.

My first single last year "Your eyes" was about feeling in love and believing in the best in a new relationship. The track "Let Go" touched on the topic of the destruction of relationships and reflections related to the fact that we realize that our love is over. But we don't have the strength to break yet. Well, the song "In the original" tells about emotions after the end of a long relationship».

"Cold City" has a different mood compared to past hits. This is a positive track dedicated to those who are waiting for new love and are open to new experiences, despite past hurts. This track is for those who want new emotions and those who dreamed of love to the chimes on New Year. The song has a clear message that is important to anyone who has started the year by rethinking the past. You don't need to hold on to the past, which only hurts and prevents you from moving forward.

 ANGELA shared: «I entered 2024 with confidence and hope, because I know from my own experience that it is possible to make your dreams come true. I want to convey the message to my audience that the most important thing is that we are ourselves. You don't have to look for love. Our mission is to learn to love and become the best version of yourself. I have already managed to shoot a video for the new single.The story of a girl left alone in a bright but cold city. She experiences and experiences separation, lets go of her feelings. On the screen, we see a transformation from sadness and despair to gaiety and dancing. A similar location was chosen for the filming of the clip - the team and I filmed the material for a week. Filming was not easy. They worked almost around the clock, but the result was an extremely beautiful story! I think my listeners should like it. We will share the details soon. The video for the song promises to be the biggest and sexiest in my career».


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