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Ukrainian singer Shadu presents a song about interconnected love

This is not the first English-language novelty from the singer on the global market.

«Rollercoaster» - this song is about co-dependent relationships, when your condition is completely dependent on what mood your partner is in. Often people get turned on when relationships turn into a rollercoaster - good and bad together, love and not love, from quiet down to loud. People themselves do not notice how they get hooked on emotional swings and they can no longer live without it. Now is this the norm? Is it true love? It's up to you to decide.

«I am very close to this song, because I once experienced a similar relationship, where each new day was unpredictable - today I was loved, and tomorrow hated! After the breakup of this relationship, I could not recover for a long time, just laid and cried all day, and even had thoughts of suicide, so much I was bad without this man! But with then I realised to be with him is also suicidal. Pretty wise of me. That said I had to work on myself and my thoughts for a long perspective before I started to move on with my life», - comments the singer

The singer's previous works have been and still are on the world charts.

«I rejoice every new Shazam, every new playlist, every new chart) Because my main dream is for my music to resonate in hearts! To be listened to! Charts for me is not vanity, but an indicator that I'm on the right path. The song Gravity went into the Global Synth music Retrowawe, and Somebody Again has already been in the Shazam Top 50 Hamilton (Canada) at 25th place, Beijing (China) at 46th place, Forest City (USA) at 9th.», - told SHADU

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