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Various Artists presents Tracks for Turkey & Syria

This is a compilation comprising of across-the-board electronic vibes, taking in midtempo beats, through deep house, electronica & tougher tech sounds, all in aid of the Disasters Emergency Committee fundraiser for the Turkey & Syria earthquake appeal. All artists contributed their music and time for free, including mastering engineers, so there is a lot of love gone into this project. From being an idea and contacting a few people to ask of they were interested, to being finalised, mastered and released on Bandcamp took just under two weeks, with far more contributions to the project than expected. As a result, this is a compilation which showcases the desire of dance music artists to spread love and commit their work for an incredibly worthy cause.

1. Mihail P - Sorrow 2. Lucky Sun - Found 3. Askani - White Hot Room 4. Marc Jay - IFIHADAHIFI 5. Leon Walters - Obsessive Compulsive DisChorded 6. JFunc & Ewan MacFarlane - The Man 7. Malcolm WeLove - Dee Groove 8. Dee Brown - Rotate 9. R-Dubz & King Cosmic - Can't Go Now 10. Carlo Gambino - The Pastor 11. Miss Melodie - Aim High Lullaby 12. King Cosmic - It's Like A Dream 13. Matthew Cullen - Scarborough Flare 14. James Reid - Silver Lines 15. Rob Clarke - Bumpin' (TB or not TB VIP Mix) 16. Matthew Cullen - Time Is Now (Al Bradley's 3am Deep Dub) 17. Msolnusic - People Loving People 18. Southbound Sounds - Pulsate 19. Al Bradley - Sacred Geometrics 20. Sonas - Accordance (Instrumental) 21. Lee Guthrie - Wired 22. Moutier - Astral Plane 23. Mica (UK) - Blue Dot 24. Simple Mind - Take One 25. Tommy Vicari Jnr - TTTT 26. Annie Errez - Maia Website & Socials:

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