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Various - Soft Touch Express [Trax Only]

TRAX ONLY is a New Orleans based DJ collective made up of Father Figure, Kathi Kniess, and Bouffant. Their debaucherous all-nighters have hosted notable DJs and performers from the global queer dance party mycelium, while garnering a fierce community of up and coming local talent. Trax Only found fertile ground for the rave in the back alleys of a city known for its decadence, no last call, and a crowd that defies binaries.

After a year of social isolation, Trax Only’s first release, SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS, assembles some of our favorite DJ/producers in spirit. While it has been a destabilizing time for many DJs, the quarantine has also allowed for downtime to hone in on production. SOFT TOUCH EXPRESS hopes to be a channel for this unexpected creative expression.

We’re excited to showcase fresh talent from the South, namely Ruth Mascelli (Special Interest/NOLA), Ephemera (NOLA), Marceaux Marceax (Memphis), DJ NSA (ATL), Good Xtreme (NOLA), and Trax Only’s own Bouffant Bouffant (Brett Labauve) and Father Figure (Mark Louque), as well as an ensemble of seasoned DJ/producers like Ariel Zetina (CHI), Baronhawk (DC), Bezier (Berlin), Five (NY), Jacob Meehan (Berlin) Jasmine Infiniti (NY), Juana (DC), Kim Anh (LA), Love Letters (NY), Olive T (NY), Sappho (PDX), Shaun J.Wright (CHI), and Sfireman (Detroit).

Stunt Keaton ( musician, producer & writer )

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