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Veednem is the new bet from Adesso Music, the label run by Junior Jack and Pat BDS

Veednem is the new bet from Adesso Music, the label run by Junior Jack and Pat BDS

Label signs the artist's latest single "Maji"

Founded in 2019, Adesso Music, the label run by Junior Jack and Pat BDS, came about with the aim of being more than just a space where its founders could develop their projects, but rather, it came about with the aim of being welcoming to all its artists, allowing them to be creatively free in their work. Since then, the label has stood out precisely for the originality of its releases, swimming against the tide of trends and betting on unique productions. 

Further proof of this is Veednem's new single "Maji", which hit the platforms in November. The artist, Anton or DJ Anton, is already a household name on the European electronic scene, having been involved in DJing and production for over 20 years, but only four years ago he started the "Veednem" project, which focuses on combining Indie Dance with other melodic lines, ranging from House to Techno to Progressive. By experimenting with these genres, the artist has already achieved some excellent positions in the Beatport charts. 

And now he's renewed himself again with a production that draws inspiration from Tribal, combining it with the catchy lines of indie, as well as bringing touches of Latin music, especially in the striking percussion. In this way, "Maji" results in a powerful production that engages the listener from the very first notes and sweeps them off their feet with its impactful vocals, leading to a thought-provoking journey through different layers and textures. Check it out:

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