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Vytamin - V World LP (Retro Futura)

V World is Vitess AKA Vytamin’s second album. It follows on from Cyber Zone, the Frenchman’s first LP that was released to widespread industry acclaim last year. Eight months have passed since, with several releases springing up in between. From Up The Stuss to Locus, to Pont Neuf, Shall Not Fade and more, his musical footprint is plain to see.

Now the latest step will be placed in March with the release of his second LP: V World.

“My first Retrofutura album, Cyber Zone, was inspired by nocturnal cities, like the progressive house side of the ‘90s. V World represents the brighter side. The LP features a strong electronic sound, with tech house touches and robotic voices that symbolise the universe of the album.” - Vytamin.

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