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Xtasik - Power Saving Mode

Xtasik - Power Saving Mode

Xtasik's debut studio album, "Power Saving Mode," marks a significant milestone in Jorge's musical journey. The album, released by The Tabula Rasa Record Company on November 10, 2023, encapsulates a transformative phase in Jorge's career. With his third full-fledged creation, Jorge, under the moniker Xtasik, explores new realms of electronic music, drawing inspiration from notable artists like KAS:ST, Tangerine Dream, Boys Noise, and Aphex Twin, while also infusing his unique energy and introspective atmosphere.

The album's title, "Power Saving Mode," symbolizes Jorge's quest to reinvent himself, breaking free from creative stagnation. This is evident in the depth and complexity of the tracks, each layer crafted to create a rich tapestry of sound that invites listeners into a world of contemplation and renewal. The influence of modern electronic pioneers like KAS:ST is evident, yet the album is not just imitation; it's a fresh take that respects and transcends its influences.

Tracks like "Shifting the Paradigm," the featured single, here Jorge skillfully blends pulsating rhythms with ethereal synth lines, creating a soundscape that is as energetic. The album is a journey through various moods and textures, with each track offering a unique perspective yet contributing to a coherent whole.

Overall, "Power Saving Mode" is an album that is a narrative of personal and artistic growth, a journey through sound that both challenges and comforts the listener. Jorge's skill in crafting an album that is both introspective and energetically engaging is commendable.


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