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Yemanjo presents La Misma Fuente

Wonderwheel Recordings presents a debut album by Yemanjo that blends Afro rhythms and organic sounds to create a spellbinding release with multicultural influences.

Yemanjo is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who uses his talents to produce tracks that range from downtempo electronic to upbeat Afro house, and this 10-track release showcases the full range of his talents.

Ben Harris aka Yemanjo is an American artist who now lives in Guatemala. From a young age, he was fascinated by the upbeat energy and vibrant rhythms of music from Africa and Latin America. Later in life, he travelled to these parts of the world to experience the culture first hand. He was inspired by his travels and started creating music that fused electronic sounds from his home scene in California with the organic instruments of Africa and Latin America.

After developing his own unique production style, Yemanjo was born in 2018, and since then he has built up an impressive back catalogue including releases on highly respected record labels such as Cafe De Anatolia, trndmsk, Cosmic Awakenings, and Camel Riders.

Not only does the release feature Ben Harris playing the trumpet and other instruments, the album also features collaborations with guest singers and musicians from Mali, Colombia, Argentina, Hungary and beyond.

The album's title track "La Misma Fuente" opens the release with an enchanting groove that sets the scene with Yemanjo's own harmonised Spanish vocals, and flowing percussion underpinned by an upbeat bassline.

Track two, "Juru Fô" is an Afro house track featuring the majestic vocal tones of Malian vocalist Mariam Koné.

"Bululú" is third on the release, and it's an instrumental which lifts the energy with its fast-paced rhythms and dramatic vocal stabs that add to the jackin' energy of the groove.

"Baobab" has twinkling Ngoni melodies, which is a traditional string instrument, complemented by flutters of trumpet and earthy percussion.

"Mar Mar Mar" has a flamenco influence with upbeat guitar chords, castanet rhythms and mesmerising Spanish vocals by Freddy Velasquez that intertwine with uplifting trumpet melodies.

"Janfa" sees the return of vocalist Mariam Koné who adds her sensual tones to a downtempo groove with reggae influence.

"Guardianes" is a jovial track with soothing Spanish vocals and trippy synths that are fuelled by intricate guitar melody and Afro percussion rhythms.

Seventh on the release, "Csillagvirág" features Medicina Band and its a haunting ballad with mournful trumpets and Latin percussion.

The penultimate track, "Suena La Quena," lifts the energy for a feel-good finish with a soaring Andean flute and psychedelic atmospherics.

"Bridge to Bamako" closes the release with a trip hop groove that shows Yemanjo's full range of styles and provides an epic ending to this stunning album.


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