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Agitation Free - Momentum

Agitation Free - Momentum

Release Date: Friday, November 24, 2023

Label: MIG Music

The album "Momentum" by Agitation Free, slated for release on November 24, 2023, by MIG Music, marks a significant return for the German experimental rock veterans. The album exudes a sonic depth reminiscent of their 70s era, blending improvised rock with electronic, jazz, world, and trance elements. The opening track, "Nouveau Son," immediately sets an immersive tone, followed by "Levant" and "Nightwatch," which showcase the band's eclectic fusion of genres. "Lilac" (which you can hear above) and "Shibuya" delve into more ambient territories, offering a contemplative listening experience.

The title track, "Momentum," is a compelling piece that captures the essence of the band’s experimental roots, while the closing track, "InDaJungle," exhibits their adaptability with a modern, experimental flair. The album, resonating with influences from Hawkwind to Tangerine Dream, retains a distinct identity. "Momentum" is more than a nostalgic journey; it's a contemporary reinvention of Agitation Free's signature sound, appealing to both long-time followers and new listeners. The album's availability in various formats, including a limited edition colored double vinyl, makes it a desirable addition for music collectors and enthusiasts alike.

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