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ALISHA presents Changes

A hot name within the UK house scene for a number of years, it's fair to say that 2022 was the year that ALISHA truly emerged as a notable name, releasing standout material via Eastenderz and making appearances on Warehouse Project, Shelter , INPUT and Amnesia for Jamie Jones' iconic Paradise events. Taking things up a notch as he gears up for an even bigger twelve months, his first release of 2023 arrives with world-renowned Jones and Lee Foss's Hot Creations featuring their latest single 'Changes', accompanied by a slick remix of the always excellent house. music icon Mike Dunn.

The work as a whole manages to bring introspection, an absorbing energy and a twilight light with intricate rhythms. The more this work is listened to, the more difficult it is to locate it in a specific geographical place. His music seems to never solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to remain fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a quick vision of a body in motion, until it postulates itself as one of the true future values of electronica. docile and brilliant.

The tracks that make up this compilation, beyond bringing a breath of fresh air to the dance floor, tirelessly seek to renew the musical language with brilliant ideas that make that experience magical, unique, but above all, devilishly fun. This work seems delivered to all music lovers and seekers of musical treasures, which will more than satisfy them with such a wide and absorbing selection.

The idea that drives this album refers us to one of the crucial attributes of music, and it is its inexhaustible capacity to generate moods that protect us at all times. Its meaning remains in the hands of lovers of electronic music, beyond the dance floor and all hedonism.

ALISHA, in short, designs a wide and fragile sound to listen and feel from the depths.


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