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Boston Bun's Circa '99 label is back

Thibaud Noyer aka Boston Bun launched Circa ‘99 back in 2017. He was a core part of the Parisian label Ed Banger prior to that and has since made his own label and associated parties into a cornerstone of the French Touch scene.

Circa '99 got off to a massive start with the underground hit 'Missing You' and further big tunes from the likes of Samaran and David Spinelli, which went on to pick up millions of streams. 2020 brought a 10-track compilation Circa '99 Volume 1 which picked up over 42 million streams. Now after a brief pause, the label is back with a busy music schedule from new talents and surprise guests, including Makinn, Gaston Blurry, Jean Tonique and many more.

In Boston Bun’s own words - ”I’m really excited to announce that Circa ‘99 is back. After a short hiatus, we are finally ready to show you what we’ve been working on. New art direction, new artists, new parties. Starting with an absolute weapon from the French duo Jersey on March 24th. Expect new releases every months and we will announce some very special parties really soon."

Jersey is the production duo of Carl and Renaud, children of the 2000s and of the great mixture of genres that proliferated back then. They grew up tuned into BBC Radio waves from the Normandy coast on which they lived, and after several much-talked-about remixes, they are now releasing their first original tunes.

The vibrant 'Listen Again' is a hyper-active techno-pop workout carried by an artificial intelligence voice pitched up and effortlessly futuristic. Rave-y stabs, and slick hits ride the fast drums to bring a nostalgic vibe that cannot fail to blow up any dance floor with its playful sense of colour and character.

‘Listen Again’ is a great first single to kick off a new chapter in the ongoing story of Circa '99.

Tracklist: 01 Listen Again


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