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Brian Cid presents El Velorio Del Ego

Brian Cid continues his journey through 2023 with El Velorio Del Ego; 6 tracks of lush, hypnotic beats released on his forward-thinking label Endangered.

El Velorio Del Ego is a full musical ride designed for the dance floor, inspired by the after hours scene around the world. A collection of six tracks that are infused by hypnotic loops and a collage of sounds that fills the full spectrum of the eardrum. A playful take on syncopated beats, odd time signatures, rhythms & acoustic tones, as well as funky electric guitars combined with thick bass lines and invasive kicks that glue all elements as one.

"After years traveling the world, living and carefully studying the impact of sound and the science of vibrations, I bring you a musical proposal with the purpose of accentuating the powerful force of Dominican Republic's rhythm section güira & tambora, on a dance floor of electronic music. In an environment where vibrations cause the body to enter a hypnotic trance, thus achieving an energetic delivery of spiritual healing. Music & dance in its pure essence... " - Brian Cid

This journey starts with an energetic cleanse - something of a ritual. The track ’El Velorio Del Ego’ (The Ego's Wake) sets the vibe. A track designed to be an energetic reset. Followed by ‘Cachimbo’, a track that brings you to a space of comfort & ease, setting up the pace for what’s to follow. As the EP progresses, rhythms increase in impact and certain elements intensify leading to the final track ‘The Floor Is Lava’; a dance floor force that takes the listener on a wormhole of sounds. At this point, the body has taken over the mind.


1) El Velorio Del Ego

2) Cachimbo

3) Sabado De Corporan

4) Vakaneria

5) Follow Who

6) The Floor Is Lava


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