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D-Source presents Machine

D-Source is that type of artist who does not sew without thread, who knows what they are doing at all times and leaves nothing to chance, although sometimes their decisions may seem out of place or out of the ordinary. And if in addition, after a consecration in the underground, we see him doing his thing with Machine, it leaves us even more surprised.

Ongoing forward-thinking techno production D-Source establishes itself as a prolific creator of techno. From pure Detroit techno to avant-garde polyrhythm, Machine's ep is packed with electronic music influences.

The songs that are recorded on this album show the particular way of understanding Frink's sound, located at the opposite end of the commercial, the generic, what works: what he does is, on the contrary, a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiance, of melodic strokes and blurred textures, pursuing a serene, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which they were nurtured dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

The idea behind this album refers us to one of the crucial attributes of music, and that is its inexhaustible ability to generate states of mind that protect us at all times. Its meaning remains in the hands of lovers of electronic music, beyond the dance floor and all hedonism.

Machine can and should be heard as a piece of timeless music, which conveys a positive idea in times of conflict, and its aesthetic appeals to the most basic, deep and receptive of the spirit. D-Source, in short, designs a wide and fragile sound to listen and feel from the deepest.


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