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DJ Abyss drops new technoid single Hadrium

Hadrium resembles an intense snapshot of a sweaty club night. A powerful bass drum and hi-hat combination that could come straight from Detroit sets the heartbeat of the driving track and leaves no questions unanswered. Hadrium gets its instant adrenaline shot from the thrilling synthesizers and moody techno FX. After a short breather in an almost mystical break, DJ Abyss kicks the crowd into the next climax. No doubt about it - Hadrium lifts full of intensity to the next level of consciousness as an acid-flavoured homage to the peak time. Body and sound melt together and bring forth a timeless moment of unity. Stylistically, "Hadrium" is reminiscent of the most successful releases of the Berliner from the 90s, but is nevertheless more contemporary than ever. This is "Hadrium" with its consistent hard beats and sounds from the depths of Berlin basement clubs. Another solid single from the upcoming new album with the same title - Hadrium - being released on Grooves.Land.


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