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Dutch rock group Chef’Special have quite literally turned the possibilities of what a live performance can be upside down with their recent 20-show tour. Debuting the revolutionary production feature during their opening slot at the annual De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE extravaganza whilst performing their hit single “Amigo”, the band’s 360 degree stage rotation became a highlight feature within the tour and was subsequently unveiled to audiences across the 20-night stand at Rotterdam Ahoy. The stunning combination of performance, stage technique and show design stood as a world first and marked the outfit’s 15th Anniversary in pioneering style. Over the course of their 15-year career, the five-piece pop band has developed a unique and celebrated sound built on the foundations of hip-hop, rock and reggae. Since their formation in 2008 the collective has released four globally-successful albums and toured extensively across Europe and the US, forming loyal fanbases wherever they go.

De Vrienden van Amstel LIVE is known for its spectacular stage design and innovative use of stage techniques, thanks to its cutting-edge event organiser and live concept developer Tribe Company. As part of its 25th year celebration, this year’s show series wowed audiences with the breathtaking opener. The 15,000 strong audience gasped when the floating stage began to tilt and the band continued playing. Taking almost 5 minutes to complete its full 360 degree rotation, Chef’Special’s performance remained flawless and undisturbed, even when presented upside down. Rolling out the concept across all 20 nights, the band created a series of awe-inspiring moments that will no doubt go down in the history books of outstanding musical performances. Following the concert series’ finale on January 27th, over 300,000 people played witness to the extreme production technique, and over a million more tuned into the online live stream and TV broadcast of the show. “It’s absolutely insane being up there. In 2018 we were in awe when Armin van Buuren performed part of his set upside down during the very same event. When we were asked by Tribe Company to pull this off as a complete band, it was a no-brainer! And it is a world first, which makes it extra special. Never before has an entire band played upside down as part of their performance while the entire stage makes a 360 degree turn as well.” - Chef’Special lead singer Joshua Nolet In celebration of their 15th Anniversary, the Haarlem-based group looks ahead to their most spectacular headline show to date at Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam on April 29. Tickets are available to purchase here:

ABOUT CHEF’SPECIAL – Whether Chef’Special is touring America as a support act for Twenty One Pilots, performing on the main stage at festivals like Pinkpop, Sziget or Lowlands, or in huge sold-out venues like the Ziggo Dome (16.000 cap) in Amsterdam; they always convince the whole audience and turn every show in a party. Although Chef’Special’s musical palette encompasses various genres, the band’s sound is wholly recognizable, putting emotions and experiences front and centre.

In spring 2020 they released their latest studio album ‘Unfold’ - the successor to their album ‘Amigo’, which reached a platinum status in the Netherlands and gathered over 100 million streams worldwide. In 2021 Chef'Special released one of their biggest hits to date - "Afraid Of The Dark" - which stands as a multi-platinum single. The band wrote this song after they became ambassadors of the NGO WarChild and made a video clip with their fellow ambassador Michaela DePrince; soloist at the Boston Ballet.

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