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Edmondson releases Vanarama Bar EP on All My Thoughts

"Newcastle-born artist Edmondson has solidified his position as a fan favorite within the DJ community, earning praise from influential names like Ben UFO, Bicep and Moxie over the past decade. With an impressive back catalog featuring releases on Hypercolour, Me Me Me, and his own imprint Lissoms, Edmondson now steps into the spotlight once again with a 4-track EP slated for release on Seb Wildblood’s label, all my thoughts, on Feb 7th.

The sound of the Vanarama Bar EP is rooted in the post-industrial North, but more so an escapism from it. The name is a tongue-in-cheek pun juxtaposing the dizzy heights of Panorama Bar with the official sponsor of England's fifth tier of football, a fittingly greyscale representation of the kind of 'old man & dog' culture which some people associate with the area. On a slightly deeper level the name speaks to a feeling of distance & disenfranchisement up North, and the disconnect between it and the more celebrated cultural hubs.

Despite what you might think from the playful name of title track, "Vanarama Bar" the emotion in the track is sincere, deep and well developed. It's heartfelt house music at its finest, drenched in reverb and driven by a purposeful garage kick, the length of the track is decorated with flourishing synth motifs and a repetitive filtered vocal. The bassline is infectious and creates an effective hook for the chorus, swirling details around the stereo spectrum ensure that interest never dips for a moment. The result is something hopeful, spacious and considered and that will calm even the most rowdy of Panorama Bar dance floors with a moment of blissed out euphoria.

"Mercury Sting" by Edmondson offers a delicate and curious perspective on modern garage. Set against a backdrop of subtle bird noises, the melody takes center stage, characterized by a unique timbre reminiscent of marbles flowing through wind chimes. The drums are skillfully restrained, featuring a subby kick, filtered rim knock, and phasey offbeat high-hat that create a rhythmic cradle for the melodic elements throughout the arrangement. An angelic vocal gracefully weaves around the other components, whispering non-descript phrases into the listener's ear. The overall effect is a track that breathes both intricacy and serenity in equal measures."

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