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Giorgia Angiuli announces KALYA

Actualizado: 17 may 2023

Everyone who’s ever blissed out to a great DJ set at a club or festival knows how music can enhance and change mood; now Giorgia Angiuli announces KALYA, an AI headset using music and sound to change and shape the brain’s electrical waves and enhance physical and mental health.

Italian live artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer, igniter of dance floors and – inventor. That’s Giorgia Angiuli, who in between performing at the likes of Timewarp Brazil, Ultra Music Miami, elrow, or dropping releases acclaimed by tastemakers and fans alike, studies the science of sound healing through music’s creative and emotional elements. KALYA is her innovative multi-sensor headband and smartphone app for natural brainwave entrainment through neuroscientific principles. It uses music composed of frequencies which cause actual changes in natural brain wave patterns, not just mood. And unusually, it’s not all about ‘banishing’ stress or anxiety or promoting sleep though that’s all part of KALYA, it’s about balancing our range of brain waves to promote alertness and concentration too.

We the users are in charge, choosing the soundscape delivered by the headband while advanced sensors constantly feedback EEG, heart rate, breathing and body movements. enabling users to have awareness of their true emotions, a vital step in healing, and to track in real time changes and improvement after experiencing the selected sounds. Each session will be unique according to the user’s emotional state, the music changing accordingly to your needs. Non-invasive KALYA can be used regularly or at need to cope with changing emotional experience.

After Giorgia started composing healing meditation music while struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, like so many of us during pandemic times, she began studying the neuroscience of sound healing and the concept of ‘neuroplasticity’ – that our physical brains constantly change, perhaps affected by trauma, negative feelings etc, and that the right combination of sound frequencies can redress the balance to improve wellbeing.

She linked up with Matteo Pertosa, CEO of Angel4future venture builders of innovative engineering solutions, and Valerio Sinatra, global event manager/DJ, and involved scientists from Bari University, and KALYA was born. Angel4future is a subsidiary of Angel Company, an innovative Italian venture builder who develops tech-based startups.

A crowdfunding via Indiegogo for KALYA launches May 15th. Healing through sound - a scientific step further into what music fans know from joyful experience it can do for us.

Further information on all aspects of this ground-breaking project is available via:

Check it out on Indiegogo:

Connect with Giorgia Angiuli on Instagram

Connect with Angel Company (Angel4future’s parent company)


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