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Goeran Meyer's presents 'Alone With My Thoughts'

Goeran Meyer's 'Alone With My Thoughts' is another fresh EP that continues his exceptional recent run.

The assured German producer and MYR label head always brings a touch of class to his music. He's an audio sculptor with a cinematic sound and a knack for meaningful melody. He's been busy of late with a superb string of singles that continues again here. First up is 'Complete Control' which soothes the soul with its lush and languid synth lines rising and falling over streamlined beats. It's a track to get lost in and gaze off to the distance as the melancholic moods take over. The superb 'Observe' is more glitchy and textured, with undulating bass and distant starry twinkles run through with more intense synth lines that bring subtle tension in a futuristic fashion.

'Mindset' (Instrumental Edit) is another brilliantly deep thinking track with carefully sequenced arps and wispy pads dancing around a sparse pattern of off-grid drums. It's an immersive and cinematic experience which then also comes as a Vocal Edit. This version takes off on metallic tech house drums and is overlaid with a spoken word monologue that evokes thoughts of space travel next to intricate and delicate acid lines.

Meyer shows his class yet again with this Alone With My Thoughts EP.


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