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INTERVIEW: Lloyd Joseph

British Based Electronic Musician and DJ Lloyd Joseph produces finely tuned deep and progressive house that takes inspiration from atmospheric woodland events, he incorporates soulful vocals into his unique journey-like tracks.

Striking a balance between heavy and relaxed he released his debut tracks “Reach Out" and "Moving On” during the summer of 2022.

He performed at his friends woodland raves before perfecting his unique sound during the lockdowns of 2020.

What inspired you to make the mix?

My love for deep house. Which was kind of in my release too. Kind of the connective tissue between the tracks.

For example Reach Out, chest thumping heavy house beat with a relaxed vibe, catchy with soulful vocals, I wrote this when on holiday on the north east coast in England

The stars at night were so clear it was like you could reach out and touch them

Moving on - The early part of a relationship when it’s fresh new and exciting, looking to move onto the next stage

What sound did you want to transmit in the mix?

Deep House ☺

Where did you record it and with what?

It was recorded with Ampify, north west coast England

Which sound do you think you're heading towards?

Relaxed but heavy deep house with catchy vocals


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