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The Element is a household name when it comes to melodic house and techno music. Although he is originally from the small island of Malta, he is well known in the four corners of the world thanks to a career that began in the early 1990s and continues apace to this day.

His profile is boosted internationally after his track 'Judgment Day' was played at almost every Tale Of Us concert around the world in 2019, while live he has performed alongside some of the biggest names. of electronic music, including Tale of Us, Mind Against. , Matthew Johnson, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Green Velvet, Sasha, Dixon, DJ Tennis, Art Department to name a few.

He is also well known for his big Cosa Nostra events in Malta: a Sunday night concept that is arguably the biggest electronic music event in Malta.

We have had the pleasure of interviewing him and this has been the result.

Can you tell us a little about your early musical experiences?

The journey started a long time ago… From the days of having my events in Malta - Cosa Nostra was a place to call home for many Artists: Tale of Us, Mind Against, Richie Hawtin, John Digweed, Dixon... which started more than 10 years ago. At some point I wanted to travel more and leave Malta and couple years ago I signed with the Bullitt Agency, which allowed me to focus on my career.

How do you hope that your music influences or impacts your listeners?

I simply want people to enjoy what they hear. When people listen to the music at home, it’s different from the live events. With any event I want people to be able to go on a journey and enjoy the full set. In a way it’s about giving people a break from everything else happening in their life.

Do you feel that your sound has evolved over the years?

It did evolve for sure, and it will not stop changing. Nowadays, we hear more EDM/trance influence, melodic techno is also a big thing. There is not much we, as Artist can do if we stay within the boundaries of the different sounds, so breaking the rules and being innovative is always going to drive the sound to evolve into something new.

How do you think your sound has evolved over the years?

At first, I started playing more progressive techno, which then turned into techno sets and now I play melodic techno sets. I went from playing 140 bpm to now 123 bpm… personally for me it’s easier to connect to the crowd this way. Every show I do, I am ready for the crowd to tell me what they want. I pay attention to the people standing in front of me and their response sets the direction for all my sets.

Do you feel consistency is important in creating music? Or is it ok to experiment with different styles and sounds?

I think it’s important to find your sound and be consistent in that way. But as I said before, things are changing and evolving. It’s important to experiment and keep up with the direction of the industry, but you can’t let it change your sound.

How do you see the next few years or your career panning out, in an ideal world?

I am very happy with how the things are at going right now. I have been in this industry for a very long time and have seen a lot of things. What I want to do now is: work on my music, tour, focus on the future projects and take care of my family. That’s all I want in life, and I do have it.

What's the most important piece of advice anyone's given to you so far?

Normally I am the one who gives advice to others... so this one is a tricky question. I guess the one advice that comes to my mind is: A narrow focus brings big results. Focus, determination, and hard work will take you a long way.



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