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Jasper Tygner gives a taste of forthcoming four tracker ‘Real Time’ (LG105) with first single ‘Deny’

Actualizado: 17 nov 2022

Jasper Tygner, from fresh faced artist to live producer with big name support in only 2 years, releases ‘Deny It’, the first single from the multi-instrumentalist’s upcoming debut EP ‘Real Time’ on alt-electronic imprint LG105 (Mall Grab, Effy, Steel City Dance Discs, Mafro, Duke Boara), due out early 2023.

‘Deny It’ drops hot on the heels of his debut sell-out live show at Peckham Audio (Nov 12th). After early tastemaker support, he gained momentum in his home via his ‘Bedroom Rave’ Instagram videos, catching the attention of artists like Bicep, Kink, Disclosure and DJ Seinfeld along with thousands of bereft locked-down clubbers. With releases on Shall Not Fade, Silver Bear, supporting DJ Boring, Leon Vynehall, salute, O'Flynn, and a set at Field Day, Jasper is undoubtedly a name to know on the alt scene and well beyond. Now the 20-something north London live artist’s solo project is gaining more heavyweight industry support and reaching dancers’ feet as well as listeners’ earbuds. ‘A live show has always been the goal ever since I started this project’ says Jasper. ‘To sell out the first one is pretty crazy, seeing and meeting some of the people who have supported my music from the start is going to be really gratifying'

Playing the drums from 4 and playing live extensively from 9 in jazz and orchestral genres, Tygner plays drums, keys/jazz piano. A devotee of Moog analog synths, he names UK garage, jungle and dubstep as formative influences.

Tygner also uses visuals as inspiration. ‘Deny It’ was coloured by 90s-early 00s TV shows, blurs, glitches and all, created as a ‘4 to the floor, garage track’. As well as enlisting the Moog synth family, he made his own drum sounds for the single. The track starts straight in with a cool, pitch-shifted vocal melange riffing on the title, a fast, subtly changing beat, with funky keys hopping above gut-grabbing euphoric synth chords. Dance fuel for sure.

The full four track EP promises more for the floor: ‘A lot of my early lockdown music was so headphone driven, this EP can be played out in the clubs or listened to in headphones.’ And it certainly will be, going by the new single.

‘Deny It’ is out now on LG105. Get it here:

Connect with Jasper Tygner on Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud | Facebook

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