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Lazy Snail - Lucky Life Remixed

It’s time for a new life of Lucky Life. It is with great proudness and pleasure that we would like to introduce you the new dress of the tracks on the Lucky Life EP that some of the most extraordinary electronic wizards have packed with top-notch remixes.

Between a jumble of delicious sounds, you’ll make a journey starting from refined downtempo, passing through the pure 80s to go until nowadays dance, house and techno style.

It starts with Feel Fly, a level-headed artist (already known for his music on International Feel and New Interplanetary Melodies to name a few) who transports us to a slow-dreamy (Visione Lenta) version full of suggestions and balearic feelings.

Then the remix of “Vagrants” by Mono-Han (Tengrams, N.O.I.A. ) with an unmistakable style linked to synth-wave, elegant electronics.

Next on the follow we find the club version of “Remercièr” by Guido Nemola also accompanied by a raw, trippin’ remix by Angelo Battilani, a quality producer who recently returned to the track.

We close with “Climbing High” remix by the THC collective that touched it with a soft melodic techno sounds.

You’ll read the names of those brilliant guys alongside the title of the song and their reworked version, now it’s time to start listening. Hope you enjoy the ride.


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