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Maison Blanche presents Food for Soul EP

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Maison Blanche has been making waves in the Parisian house scene in recent years, with appearances in top clubs such as Rex, Yoyo, and Machine, alongside artists like Moodymann, Marcellus Pitmann, DMX Crew, and HAAI. After a series of initial releases in 2021 and 2022, the Parisian DJ and producer is back this fall with a brand-new EP titled ‘Food For Soul’, reflecting his deep, soulful, and classic house influences.

“I wanted to create a more organic EP than what I had produced before, in the vibe of deep, soulful, and classic house. I aimed to delve deeper into my love for uplifting and energetic music. It represents a part of my personality: joyful and energetic.” – Maison Blanche.

The first track, ‘You're Gonna Like It’, sets the tone, inspired by open-air parties and raves where Maison Blanche had the opportunity to perform during the summer of 2022. "It's a danceable, solar, and organic track, perfect for golden hour moments," he explains. For this song, the Parisian producer collaborated with one of his close musicians, Jim Prunier, whose groovy guitar blends perfectly with the overall housey vibe. It is also the second single from the EP, set to be released on October 13th.

Next up is ‘I Needed’, a deep track inspired by the classics of soulful house from New York and Chicago. Maison Blanche describes it as "a collaboration with Tour-Maubourg, recorded at Studio B, where we wanted to blend our universes and influences, infusing it with solar energy and Afro-inspired percussions to create a soothing yet danceable atmosphere."

Then comes ‘Dexter on The Dancefloor’, highlighting the Parisian producer and DJ's passion for disco loops and energetic house edits. Inspired by iconic tracks from the '90s and 2000s, such as Bob Sinclar's album ‘Paradise’, Roulé, and Crydamoure labels, this club-oriented, energetically contagious track leaves no one indifferent. It is also the first single from the EP, set to be released on September 15th.

Finally, Maison Blanche closes this new EP, his first on Pont Neuf Records, with ‘Do You Like Jazz’,featuring producer Cywil. Maison Blanche explains, "We composed the track with Cywil, who also provided his vocals, playfully alluding to people who use their knowledge of jazz to impress others." With its jazz-infused deep house rhythms and melodies, this track creates a calming yet energetic atmosphere.

Maison Blanche, a member of the House of Underground collective, is one of the DJs and producers to closely watch in the new generation in France. Inspired by the house sounds of Chicago and Detroit, as well as electro and rave influences, he regularly performs in must-visit Parisian clubs like Rex Club, La Machine, and Le Yoyo, as well as at festivals like Marvellous Island, Madame Loyal, and Union Libre. He has also shared the stage with renowned artists such as Moodymann, Marcellus Pitmann, HAAI, and Cinthie, to name a few. In terms of his productions, he has previously released on Sengiley Records, Wilson Records, and House of Underground before this latest EP ‘Food For Soul’ on Pont Neuf Records.

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