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Martin Merz presents Planet Henri

With "Planet Henri" Martin Merz releases his third studio album - an innovative and gripping work. He once again shows his talent for multi-layered, dark and atmospheric soundscapes, drawing from a sonic palette ranging from modular synthesis to sampling his own voice. The ten new tracks offer a mixture of electro, dub-techno, and experimental elements that captivate the listener by combining complex rhythms and sophisticated sound design.

From the brooding and spherical opening track "Raumfahrtkapitän Henri" to the dynamic and driving "Bleakness", the album is a tour de force of modern electronic music. With its uncanny soundscape the album's standout track "Fluchtgeschwindigkeit" perfectly captures the feeling of being lost in a dark and menacing underworld. Merz's vocals add an intensity to the track that evokes a sense of discomfort that is both harrowing and captivating.


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