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Meet Desthen, Brazilian Progressive House and Melodic Techno duo, who will perform at ADE

Duo is one of the guests of the showcase of Real SuperNova, Brazilian Techno label

There are those who think that combining different poles is a risky strategy or that music should be kept in boxes, separating sonorities, and that the fusion of different styles is like mixing water and oil. The truth is that this premise is very old-fashioned, it even applies to some situations, but if done well, any fusion is very welcome and can be explosive. This is the case of the duo Desthen, formed by Antonio and Caique, who despite their singularities, managed to create a unique and innovative project from the mixture of Progressive House and Melodic Techno.

The Brazilians were already big fans of electronic music, consuming various productions and attending events. But the decision to enter this musical universe definitively only happened after they met, in 2016, in a place that represents well all the magic of Dance Music: Tomorrowland. And since then, Antonio and Caíque have been building a brilliant trajectory within the Brazilian scene, presenting the public with productions and sets with deep melodies, depth in the construction of ambiences, well-crafted pads and groovy drums.

Since then it has been almost 7 years and many achievements in the curriculum of this duo. From releases on labels such as Eye And Eye, Prototype Music, Real Supernova Records, Rezongar Music, SMTC Underground, to passages through clubs and major events in the country such as D-EDGE, Hertz, Mov.e and Samauma and more.

And, this list keeps growing, because in the last year, Desthen has established himself even more not only in Brazil, but moving towards an ascension at an international level. As an example of significant goals that have been achieved, from performances at major festivals such as Ame Laroc Festival to debuting on labels such as Prototype Music, Ciccada and Deep Tales, which presents relevance worldwide, reaching good placements in Beatport. Not to mention the reach they are reaching on platforms, such as the free download of the edit for "Empire Of The Sun", which reached 5 thousand plays on Soundcloud and positive feedbacks.

But, the most concise step of this globalization is about to be taken. Desthen is one of the guests of the showcase of Real SuperNova, a techno label from Ortus (BR), which is part of the official program of ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), considered the largest electronic music conference in the world. The date of the performance has not yet been released, but it will soon appear on the social networks of the label and the duo. While this moment does not arrive, we have selected some productions that represent the duo's identity:

1. Sirius - Desthen [Real SuperNova]

Released in 2020, the track is part of the Siderium EP, one of the duo's first studio releases, as well as marking their debut on the label.

2. Cloud Break - FiveP (Desthen Remix) [Regonzar Music]

Another important track for the project, this remix makes up FiveP's Holding Pattern EP, released by Regonzar Music. The powerful reinterpretation brings an engaging ambience, fast pace and striking synths.

3. Aureus - Desthen [Eye to Eye]

With impactful vocals and a dense yet sublime melody, Aureus is one of the standout tracks from Eye to Eye's forthcoming EP Scelerisque.

4. Odysee - Desthen [Deep Tales]

Desthen's debut on Deep Tales was explosive with the EP "Odysee", based on the lines of Melodic Techno. With the title track they reached good positions on Beatport and is one of the main tracks of the duo's discography.

5. Throne - Desthen [Ciccada]

Title track of the EP, "Throne" brings an innovative sound, by composing a space atmosphere, working deep and immersive ambiences, which gain even more momentum with a technological vocal and bold beats. This is the most recent release of the project.

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