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Meier On Fire

Actualizado: 19 mar 2020

ew iconic party series "Meier On Fire" to be launched in Berlin.

Witness the birth of a new place of worship in the Berlin party scene. Taking inspirations from parties like gone but never forgotten Wilde Renates "Voyage Voyage", a new journey is set out at Mensch Meier, one for those listening to the underground scene’s heartbeat. The line up mashes up the hippest Dance music vibes, all kinds of modern Disco and House under the same roof - a roof on fire.

On October 5 the first edition of Meier On Fire ignites at Storkower Straße 121. It is the Berlin Debut for the highly vaunted Gouranga Clan who will run the "Räuberinnen Höhle Floor", a sight to behold and reminiscent of the well-known "Fusion Festival" stage.

Furthermore acts such as Slow Motions Franz Scala, Nein Records' Tronik Youth, the Idjut Boys' Dan Tyler, James Rod (Live), the emerging Mexican Cabizbajo and last but very not least a full girl-power loaden Voodoohop Floor. Only to mention a few. The icing on the cake: The first hour of the event entry will be half-priced for early birds - so don't miss out. It will be pure fire - Meier On Fire.


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