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Melgazzo - Lift Me High: Techno Tides

Melgazzo - Lift Me High: Techno Tides

Melgazzo's 'Lift Me High' is a proclamation of techno, a beacon guiding the listeners to the zenith of their dance-floor energy. This Techno heavyweight unfolds like a storm, bringing forth a deluge of pounding drums and acid lines, curating a soundscape that resonates with the likes of Ramiro Lopez, Andres Campo, and Spartaque. It brings to mind the pulsating vibes of Drumcode, Union Three, and Odd Recordings.

The Brazilian electronic scene pulses within this track, connecting the samba country to the soaring heights of European Summer Festival Season. The founder of Kaligo Records, Melgazzo, demonstrates his versatility, with his solo single morphing into a Techno titan that brings the Big Room vibe to life. 'Lift Me High' is more than just a track—it's an affirmation of Melgazzo's relentless pursuit of Techno perfection.


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