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Melleefresh - ‘Melleefresh House Party’ – January

Melleefresh lit up January with a brand-new collection of hard-hitting episodes of her radio show ‘Melleefresh House Party’; energetic in nature, party-starter in vibes, and consistently electrifying in sound, the radio show continues to bring exciting sonic experiences to listeners around the globe. As January proved to be yet another impressive month on the show, Melleefresh ensured that her followers remained captivated by her magnetic energy, invigorating them with pulse-racing music from a wide selection of talent. 

Having established herself as a unique force within Electronic Dance Music, Melleefresh continues to present an intriguing and mesmerising persona, making sure she appears unlike any other within the genre today. Her radio show, ‘Melleefresh House Party’, certainly emerges as an extension of this innovative and distinct creativity, striking back time and time again with episodes that showcase her original and unparalleled perspective on the genre. As she offers track line-ups that are intoxicating in sound, with soundscapes detailed with thumping beats, catchy hooks, and driving basslines, Melleefresh constructs mixes that are continually enthralling and surprising in sonic makeup, placing her impeccable mixing abilities in the spotlight with each and every episode. 

During January’s episodes, Melleefresh once again kept the adrenaline-fuelled vibes going, treating listeners to music from a diverse range of talent; with tracks from Artists like Westend, Bruno Furlan, and John Summit, the high standard of productions no doubt made for an enjoyable and thrilling listening experience. Also featured throughout the month, Melleefresh gave listeners a taste of tracks from her own discography, using her platform to shine a light on her stellar abilities as a Producer: presenting productions like ‘White Horse’ and her remix of Kardano’s and Tyra Jutai’s, ‘Video Girl’, the vibrant track listings of January’s episodes surely cemented Melleefresh’s position as a refreshing tastemaker within the realm of Electronic Music. 

So, as she promises to continue bringing enthralling episodes each month, Melleefresh’s radio show remains a must-listen destination for fans of Electronic Dance Music to get their fix of the very best of the genre; make sure to listen to February’s episodes to not miss out on the captivating sounds of ‘Melleefresh House Party’.

Listen to “Melleefresh House Party” episodes here:

Melleefresh Online


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