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Mike Macaluso's NYC classic 'Final Chapter' gets remix touch from Charles D

A classic NYC club anthem gets a re-work from Charles D.

‘Final Chapter’ by Mike Macaluso was first released in 1999 on Dieselgroove and immediately became an omnipresent classic. “I would hear it all the time on every house music mix CD I got my hands on,” buzzes Charles D. “Once I started actually going out in the mid-2000s, it was still being played at legendary clubs such as Sound Factory, Tunnel, Pacha and Avalon. It was quite literally the soundtrack to New York nightlife at the time.”

The original, clocking in at over nine minutes, is a golden dancefloor trip taking in elements of house, trance and Hi-NRG, and is famous for its rousing bell sample throughout. It’s an iconic sound signature that brought many a dance fan to a weepy state of delirium.

Paying due respect to the original, Charles D gives it a modern techno touch up, retaining elements of the melody and famous bells throughout. The remix was first teased in his Drumcode Radio mix last September and has been building a cult following since. “Living in New York, it's an amazing feeling to pay homage to the city by remixing this record. It’s a full circle moment for me as an artist,” he shares.

“Final Chapter is a very special record to me as it launched my production and DJ career to another level. I have been given many, many remixes of the record from inspiring producers all over the world, but no mix that I received could compliment the original, until I heard Charles D’s remix. When I received his remix, I then realized why Adam Beyer took a big liking to the record and started playing it in his sets. Charles was able to add a dark techno twist to the original, while still keeping the iconic bells and keylines. There is no other record label that I would rather this remix be released on.” – Mike Macaluso


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