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PREMIERE: Ahivar - NameEme [Boiled Wonderland Records]

Boiled Wonderland Records kicks off 2022 with a new compilation of deep club and warehouse music from the depths of Bangkok. Following on from the successes of Chalo’s - Lucid (w/Remotif Remix), the eight track EP presents a mix of newcomers and respected Thai techno stalwarts alike. Featuring tracks from artists like Dott and Sarayu the EP is an engaging set of work aimed at capturing the heart of the Bangkok dancefloor.

Cognition uses a palette of techno cues that leans on various bases within the electronic spectrum. The EP ranges from lead track Sarayu’s ‘Burnt Out’, which welcomes listeners with warm synths and down tempo breaks, to Matu’s ‘00100’ at track six showing techno in its truest form; ripping up the tempo at 141bpm Matu brings thumping kicks split with sharp flanged FX stabs to dramatic effect.

All eight tracks together take the listener on a journey through waving synapses and late night adventures before climaxing in Ahivars’ ‘Opal’ a euphoric transcendent floor filler.


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