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Psychedelic Science - Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright

Psychedelic Science - Rude Audio and Dan Wainwright

Dovetailing their creative energies, South London's Mark Ratcliff (Rude Audio) and North Wales' Dan Wainwright have crafted 'Psychedelic Science', an eight-track dub journey that straddles the line between the cerebral and the kinetic, the domestic and the dancefloor.

Their work has been well regarded previously, having punctured the airwaves and playlists of luminaries such as Don Letts and the late, great Andrew Weatherall. This record is a testament to their prowess, with tracks like the otherworldly 'Fire On The Mountain' and the offbeat 'El Qasr Dub' asserting a fresh approach to dub that is as innovative as it is immersive.

The record's standout moment comes in the form of a ten-minute cover of Bowie's 'Heroes', graced with the vocal stylings of Ken Babbs, the 84-year-old counterculture icon best known for helming Ken Kesey’s Magic Bus.


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