REVIEW: Col Lawton - TWENTY2.1

Col Lawton, the legendary producer from the Newcastle Upon Tyne music scene, is back, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the House arena. As the co-owner of Deep Fix Recordings along with Wez Hall and Robbie Robinson, he has built a career that demonstrates an evolving ability to produce music that is both authentic and incredibly addictive.

Now he publishes "TWENTY2.1" which is his last work and the consolidation of a career marked by the need to express his emotions through each of his pores. This last job lands this season and he does so marking a turning point in his career. With this work we enter an amazing soundscape. It is an energetic and danceable adventure, capable of completely resetting us.

"TWENTY2.1" is a euphoric psychedelic experience, in which each song takes the listener on his own sonic journey, until closing a set as experimental as intense and addictive, which takes over oneself like a sweet poison, while it transports us progressively, like few others. other producers with a certain fluency are willing to do. Built on the legacy of those who came before him, Col Lawton has grown into a talent who will always be a feature of the House Music community and whose music will influence generations to come.