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REVIEW: Peter Schumann presents Deeper Conversations EP

Coming in strong with his first release for Sound of Berlin, as you'd expect from the resident DJ of the hippest club north of the Spree, Peter Schumann's 'Deeper Conversations' EP hits the sweet spot between the beat of all the beats of Chicago from the late 1980s and the rugged, tech-savvy London variety of the mid-1990s. The deal here is a lot: new out, old in.

Getting straight to the point, 'House Magic' does exactly what it says on the tin. Lulling you into eight minutes of pure bliss with its softly shimmering pads, Moog's punchy bassline and silky seventh organ minor chords, it's a solemn salute to none other than Mr. Fingers and his legendary 1986 cut.' You can feel it.' ?'

Unless, of course, your partner has a sideline as a flight attendant (what are the odds) "We have a little connection with Gramaphone in Chicago," Schumann

He says. "And with my friend, who he runs the label with, he's a flight attendant, so he took our records to Gramaphone, 20 records, and said 'here you can have it for your mail order for your store.'"

Schumann's connection with the house goes back to his days in Frankfurt. When he started DJing in 1995, he was one of the regulars at a club run by Ata Macias called Robert Johnson. “I was there every weekend. And that's where I saw Mr. Fingers play,” he recalls, eyes sparkling. "For me, it was a great education."

By contrast, 'Dapé' featuring David Dorad marks a clear gear change, as we start off strong with thick kick drums and thick subs, London-style, and then build momentum before slowly transforming into a slick, dancefloor thump. minimalist. led by OB-6. peppered with ultra-smooth crossfades and vocal samples.

The songs that are recorded on this album show Peter's particular way of understanding the sound, located at the opposite end of the commercial, the generic, what works: what he does is, on the contrary, a kind of unstable magma of pulsations and radiance, of melodic strokes and blurred textures, pursuing a serene, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages ​​and influences from which they were nurtured dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

The idea behind this album refers us to one of the crucial attributes of music, and that is its inexhaustible ability to generate states of mind that protect us at all times. Its meaning remains in the hands of lovers of electronic music, beyond the dance floor and all hedonism.

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