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Actualizado: 19 oct 2023

Tiella Sound is a project born in 2019 from the mind of the Italian DJ Luca Bigote that began as a radio program that is currently broadcast on the French radio LYL Radio, and now debuts in the recording ecosystem with its first official release, released on a Limited edition of only 200 copies.

The vision and mission of the entire project are quite clear and are based on the principle of musical eclecticism. Luca Bigote, in fact, from the beginning never wanted to put limits on his creation, which, following an open approach, flirts with the most disparate sounds, not exclusively club, focusing on the quality and research that have always distinguished his path.

For its first release, Tiella Sound has chosen Perugia-born DJ and producer Daniele Tomassini, already known for his records under the Feel Fly moniker, this time with the first LP by his alter ego Vaisa.

The whole of his latest release manages to provide introspection, energy and an absorbing twilight, closing an album that knows how to turn musical pulp into a refreshing ambrosia juice. The more you listen to the disco, the more difficult it is to locate it in a specific geographical location. His music never seems to solidify, to be a flow of sounds and impressions that never seem to remain fixed in place or memory, like a perfume or a fleeting vision of a body in motion, until it is postulated as one of the true future values. . of tame and brilliant electronics.

The songs recorded on this album demonstrate the particular way of understanding the sound of this singular producer, located at the opposite end of what is commercial, what is generic, what works: what he does is, on the contrary, a kind of magma. unstable of pulsations and radiance, of melodic strokes and blurred textures, pursuing a serene, spiritual, almost ascetic expression. All those languages and influences that he drew on dialogue on this album, creating new, different and highly evolved sound organisms.

VAISA command of language is total, and here they have once again delved into the past to be inspired by another verse, more forceful and melancholic, but no less evocative. All in all, we can safely say that this release is on the verge of excellence.

st Pre-order: September 1 , 2023

th Release Date: September 20 , 2023

Formats: Vinyl (LP, Album, limited edition of 200 copies); Digital (Bandcamp only)

A1. Niamey (5:16) A2. Chanson Libre (4:08) A3. Berceuse De De?ploracion (8:29)

B1. Foreste Tu (2:57) B2. V (3:45)

B3. Aether Eclipse (10:06)

Credits / Notes

All tracks written and produced by Daniele Tomassini Recorded between 2014 and 2016 at BBB Studio (Perugia, Italy)

Instruments: MR-16, RM1X, OPERA 6, SP-555, LINE 6 DL4, MS2000 Vocals on “V” (B2) are courtesy of Vespertina

Mastering by MarcoAntonio Spaventi Artwork and graphic design by Alessandro Burelli Words by Sebastiano Urciuoli

A&R: Luca “Bigote” Evangelista

Tiella Sound © 2023

Main social channels: Bandcamp: Soundcloud:

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