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Salvione - ‘Elevated Radio’ – January

Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ continues to emerge as a prominent and impactful addition to the genre, presenting stellar episodes each and every month. With January delivering an exciting start to the year on ‘Elevated Radio’, Salvione offered listeners guest mixes from a collection of impressive talents like Leandro Da Silva and Wh0, along with electrifying track line-ups featuring his own House favourites. Already sitting amongst the top listens on the scene, dominating the genre with its unique and unmissable sound, ‘Elevated Radio’ surely remains one to tune into. 

A Producer and DJ whose vibrant sound has become a signature to his productions and performances, Salvione has managed to translate his distinct style into the mixes he presents within his radio show: selecting tracks that compliment his own fresh sound, the colourful and infectious vibes that run throughout his episodes certainly comes as a credit to his magnetising energy. As he continues to curate well-thought-out mixes, balancing the work of gifted Artists on the scene with tracks from his own catalogue, Salvione keeps placing his impressive mixing skills in the spotlight, consistently reminding fans of his distinctive talents and original tastes.   

Standing out as memorable moments during January, the guest mixes from top-tier Artists on the scene no doubt elevated the listening experience to even higher heights. With Leandro Da Silva and the production duo, Wh0, both taking to the decks, the level and stellar reputation of both Artists surely serve as a credit to Salvione’s own growing status and dominance within the genre, coming as a powerful reminder of the show’s impact and influence within Electronic Music. It is, therefore, no surprise that the number of listeners tuning in each week continues to grow; with over 3.9 million weekly listeners, the reach of the show is no doubt widespread, extending across the globe. 

Within each episode of ‘Elevated Radio’, Salvione ensures his dedication to supporting the rising stars of Electronic Music shines through, last month welcoming the budding Producer Doc Brown onto the show, along with balancing his own track listings with work from up-and-coming Artists like Charles Pierre and Saul Antolin. As he continues to provide a platform for fresh talent, Salvione’s place as a loyal mentor and unique tastemaker is only cemented further, establishing him as an influential leader when it comes to the evolution of Electronic Music today. 

So, a radio show that remains unmissable for any fan of House and Tech House, Salvione’s ‘Elevated Radio’ is no doubt a top listen within Electronic Music and one to keep tuning into as Salvione continues to drop hard-hitting episodes infused with groovy beats and infectious sound.

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