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Mister Rya debuts on PuzzleProjectMusic - the New York-based musician debuted on our sister label HOT GROOVERS in early 2022 with the widely lauded and almost cinematic chill-hop cut titled 'The Chills'. This time around he's blessing us with a pumping saxophone-driven dance floor groove, aptly named 'SAX MONSTER', which gets the remix treatment from label boss Ben Spalding.

As soon as the congas and four-to-the-floor beats get rolling, there's a distinctly upbeat rhythm pulsating at the core of this cut. A virtuoso-esque sax solo joins the fray in the intro, leading us into the grooviest of grooving basslines. The sax takes centre place, keeping the atmosphere buoyant, while Rya keeps things interesting with subtle additions in the background, and little switches in energy.

On the flip, Ben Spalding pays homage to the original with a potent remix. He pares the low end down a touch, switching lo-end intensity as the arrangement evolves whilst adding echoing effects and a slightly darker and more intensified atmosphere.

Utilising his broad dance floor and production outlook, Ben incorporates percussive elements and hypnotic delays and echoes to enchant the listener including a white-knuckle-ridden breakdown which unfolds towards the end of the arrangement.

Typical Spalding productions are relentless right the latter stages focusing on sustained energy including drafting in talented Musician Megan Laura to execute a haunting evil laugh that perfectly complements the atmosphere of this rework.



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