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The JLB&GRAVY join forces to “subvert modern music standards” with their new release Too Much Toosh

The JLB and new Eastend of London outfit GRAVY join forces with their new record ‘Too Much Toosh’ to push forward and progress the dire state of modern club, dance and alternative pop music by tearing up the blueprint, reimagining the formula and asking themselves “at its core, what makes a banger sound original?” especially in today's homogenous world…

Their answer : “Being bold, different and good.”

Unmatched contrast and top tier songwriting is what’s behind the unique voice of GRAVY’s vocalist, Casper Grey and the sonic choices and sound palette of these two future innovators. ‘Too Much Toosh’ is a record pushing forward so much that if you asked the scene's infamous "what do you call it?" it would be followed by crickets instead of a host of unfeasible options. The only thing you could call this appropriately is Post Genre… It’s nothing like anything yet it’s everything at the same time. Classical tropes subverted into a mechanical internet age ADHD browser tab journey without forcing it.

GRAVY and The JLB also launched their joint bi-monthly Post Genre Party last month at the now infamous South London forward thinking stomping ground Spanners with a gang of creative friends and collaborators. Which will be a space for this bubbling scene to express and test creations and upcoming releases.

Both with upcoming live shows and DJ sets from London to Manchester, Bristol to Brighton ending the year showcasing their sound to all corners. GRAVY will be performing at Kingdome’s BOUDICA on November 3rd at SOUP in Manchester on a stellar line up supporting Shannen SP, Rainy Miller (Blackhaine DJ/Producer) & Ill Japonia (Bo Ningen).

Today GRAVY share their second installment from this burgeoning freestyle series with more singles and a debut album to follow.

Info about GRAVY:

A production duo voiced by Casper a multi-faceted writer, rapper, vocalist, producer, artist and designer occasionally supported by idntmttr vocally too an ethereal sonic technician and producer whose ear plays a central role in the majority, if not all of the recent Kingdome Recordings projects and releases.

Over the last few years Casper has cultivated a singular vision from a bedroom in Homerton, East London, before recently fusing with idntmttr to bring a whole new era of creative output and releases on the artist’s own Kingdome Recordings.

The two artists write and produce under the collective name GRAVY and after recently creating multiple albums worth of stella material between their Homerton bedrooms they now hone their craft at Belly Of The Beast Studios under Nick Detnon previously home to Dizzee Rascal where the seminal Boy In The Corner was made.

Info about The JLB:

The JLB is the main moniker of Croydon-raised Jamie Bulled. One third of pop trio Kero Kero Bonito and self appointed “Crown Prince of Escape Room”. He has been producing his unique brand of UK Bass music for 10 years and worked with an eclectic range of artists including The Garden, Mr Yote, Iceboy Violet, Cowgirl Clue and Meuko! Meuko! As well as hosting his “Banger Racing” party in Brighton, The JLB has performed in clubs across the world including New York, Paris, Peckham and Tokyo.

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