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Thomas Lemmer & Oine Debut Album 'One Vision' on Sine Music

In a unique collaboration, electronic music artists Thomas Lemmer from Germany and Oine (Adrián Márquez) from Spain join forces for their debut album "One Vision". The album, spanning various electronic genres, including downtempo, ambient, Deep House and electronica, is scheduled for release on February 23rd, 2024.

Thomas Lemmer & Oine's unconventional approach aims to break the rules of composition, forging a direct link between the artists' emotions and music, liberated from mainstream influences. Despite a distance of 1222 miles between them, the two producers never physically met, creating the album entirely remotely—a testament to music's ability to transcend borders and unite people. Their shared vision defies boundaries, merging styles, and reinventing music.

The result is an extraordinary album, captivating and inspiring listeners. Thomas Lemmer & Oine invested almost a year in production, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and high-end mastering. Beyond instrumental tracks, collaborations with talented guest musicians ROO J and guitarist Andreas Bach add depth to three captivating songs.

In acknowledgment of the album's futuristic essence, special formats were deemed necessary. The decision to mix the album in Dolby Atmos creates an immersive three-dimensional experience. While the stereo version impresses, the Dolby Atmos format, enjoyed with headphones on platforms like Apple Music or Tidal, transcends boundaries and complements the album perfectly. The Dolby Atmos mixing, executed by Eric Horstmann (known for his work with Moderat, Rodriguez JR, and Robin Schulz), enhances the sonic journey. No doubt, One Vision is a truly exceptional album in its own class.


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