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V/A – Oddness Vol. IV

Oddness rises once again, fully charged with more weirdness and spicyness, bringing some special flavors and soundscape textures for this 4th edition. Having onboard, a bunch of new outstanding artists, such as She Teiks, Globemaster, Stylic & Dark Places, Wonder Talking and Rimaye.

Introducing the amazing Argentinian duo She Teiks, landing with ‘De Ronda Voy’

is an exciting song that was born from a pre-party before hitting the club. The infectious bass vibrations keep us moving, while the catchy lead lines infuse us with energy that immerses us in the nightlife experience. This song takes us straight to the dance floor and invites us on a nocturnal adventure through various clubs.

From the north of Mexico, part of Maleante Records family, Globemaster delivers an unique gem with ’Un alien me llevo de rave’ a soundscape that places you on some distant planet, where raves and music are part of the most important rituals, the track opens with an atmosphere of tension, the use of synthesizers and sound effects create the sensation of being transported to a unknown place, leaves us feeling a new appreciation for the universe and its mysteries, overall, it's an immersive, introspective track.

Directly from the heart of Spain, Madrid based producers, Stylic & Dark Places presents: Wack! With this new track, an explosive combination of Trance and Future Disco, that will keep you captivated with its forceful beats and the characteristic touch of this duo.

Wack! It's charged with energy and a good high to lift you up into that cosmic dimension.

Wonder Talking debuting on the label and delivering a mysterious addition, with ‘Trip tic’ starting with light detuned Arabic melody, accompaniment of the track goes to heavy dancefloor theme. Shaped analog synth arpeggio, which breaks down from flying in the kick’s rhythm to the vague roar synth sound. All components mixed and leading with short pulsing bass with heavy kick and evenly floating percussion accompaniment, which force listeners moving in this dark track’s rhythm.

Last but not least, we have the French born, Miami based Rimaye, he just crashed with ‘Foxglove’ Inspired by Spring season in altitude, the song, joyful at first hand, hides a toxic hidden substance, giving this a unique ending to Oddness Vol. IV, definitely always is a different journey with each Volume. Enjoy the trip!

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