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VA (Brooklyn Baby, Latent, Marc Cotterell, Shortcut) presents Raw Tools Vol 1.

Raw Tools Vol 1. is a tribute to our musical roots : 90s House, Raw House and Garage. The first release of Outdom Records, a real club tool for DJs and music lovers seeking for wicked and sexy grooves, will be available on both vinyl and digital. This record is a compilation of four tracks navigating between classic 90s Chicago House, New York Garage, UK Garage and touches of Acid House. Aiming at a vintage aesthetic, this EP displays a stomper and deep groove associated with razor sharp stabs and dreamy, ravy atmosphere. This influence can also be seen on the various cover made by Outdom's graphic designer, Liorzh. A reference to the old school artworks and colors of rave party flyers. Pre Order Link: Social Media Links: Outdom Records Brooklyn Baby Latent Marc Coterell Shortcut


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