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Various Bangers Re-Thrashed [The Payback Project]

Various Bangers Re-Thrashed [The Payback Project]

After a slumber that spanned a dozen years, the renaissance of The Payback Project emerges. Orchestrated by the maestro SuperStyle Deluxe, it isn't just a ripple but an impending tidal wave. The soundscape, drawing parallels to luminaries like Qlank, Neon Steve, and Chris Lake, is a clear testament to the project's dedication not just to noise but to the difference.

Tune into the reimagined monster of 2006, the Capoeira Twins' “Whistle Blower”. SuperStyle Deluxe paints it with a brush of jackin' bass house, a symphony that brims with classic synths and buzzing bassline mayhem. Then, there's Crucial Todd's spin on Rebel Sketchy’s “Good To You”, a testament to evolution, bridging eras, vinyl to flash drives, retaining its essence whilst metamorphosing to a more modern sound.


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